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    • streamlabs obs 120fps I . Đăng bởi Lê Phước Thiện ngày 06/21/2020 08:28:54 bình luận Guide to Broadcast Health and Using Twitch Inspector. obs Streamlabs OBS scratchy stream quality. Assuming you’ve already downloaded and booted up Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS), you will need to input a “Stream Key”. . This is the password that the software uses to broadcast to your Twitch Channel. In double-fact, it can actually record at ANY framerate as long as your GPU's video engine can handle it. Any frame rate that is over 60 frames per second is considered a high-speed frame rate. One of the most common issue users report is when Streamlabs OBS is dropping frames. This way, it won't Ignore MSI afterburner's overlay, and your stream will show it EDIT: OK I think I may have goofed up a little. problem. 0, 4K Pass Through, ARGB, Audio Mixer (141-U1-CB10-LR) . Boa Noite! Estou com problema para transmitir o jogo usando StreamlabsOBs. Certified for OBS, USB 3. anthoy64. The stream itself looks smooth (60 FPS). OBS Studio (also known as Open Broadcaster Software ) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. twitch. In livestreaming, Mbps is the most common bitrate unit for videos and Kbps for audio. How To Fix Dropped Frames In Streamlabs OBS - MediaEquipt. This OBS alternative can ideally record videos, especially gameplay, at 120 fps in Ultra HD resolution without frame drops. ABOUT THE GEFORCE-OPTIMIZED NEW VERSION OF OBS STUDIO We have collaborated with OBS to improve support for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. #1. Get the best OBS settings for recording, even you are a newbie and has a low-end PC to use OBS recorder. 1. Turn on your GoPro. I have the stream set to 720p 60FPS with GPU encoding on and it even registers it as a GPU load in task manager. Although this software is only available for Windows, you can get Streamlabs OBS Mac with Bootcamp. It is powerful but also easy to use, meaning your streaming and recording experience has never been more enjoyable. 4 Released Fixed bug when titles contained non-alphanumeric characters Updated to Latest DLive end points Hey everybody, I was asked to write a small tool to download live stream VODs for DLive and I have launched v0. Ho avuto dei miglioramenti andando a modificare ogni parametro nel setting di OBS Streamlabs, ho piccole perdite da 60 a 58fps quando provo a cambiare finestra e tornare in OBS o quando sono in pausa dal gioco, mentre se provo a cambiare scenario in OBS, esempio da LIVE a CHATTING/PAUSE, cali mostruosi anche a 20-30fps durante l'animazione. CPU Utilisation at around 30%. Lock your settings in your game to 120FPS and 120Hz, as this nicely divides for 60FPS and 30FPS streaming. Recommended upload encoding settings. Adaptive Streaming configuration. Answer (1 of 3): Well, no. From automatically detecting your scenes and sources to putting your social media channels to work, you do everything with a quick tap. Audio Delay, click image to enlarge. GPU 3D Utilisation at around 70%. Limit capture framerate causes OBS to only capture every other frame, which means that if you are capturing 60fps then any time you dip below 120fps in game you will dip below 60fps in OBS. Plus, 120fps footage on a 60 fps timeline means you can get slow-motion footage or super slow motion footage on a 30 fps timeline with no visual artifacts. Ethan May. Streamlabs OBS While we’re on the topic of streaming software, let’s quickly discuss Streamlabs OBS , which is software that is similar to OBS Studio. If you're still having problems with OBS dropped frames, check your firewall, anti-virus and other security . Details: Streamlabs OBS (or SLOBS) is a broadcasting software that is similar to OBS Studio. Set for streaming: In the in-camera menu, go to Preferences > Input / Output > HDMI Output. 1440p@120fps HDR Advanced Pass Through . com Posted: (5 days ago) Jul 21, 2021 · The framerate should be set to 60 FPS unless you are on a super budget PC or a bad network, then you should probably be streaming . What are the benefits of Prime? Themes. For zoom calls, there are 0 issues. May 01, 2021. Streamlabs OBS is essentially the same OBS code revamped with a better user experience. GPU 3D Utilisation at around 85%. recording is disbaled, im setting it to stream at 30fps 1080p, my cpu, gpu, and ram . so frustrating. OBS Laggy Recording – How Do I Make OBS Record Smoother. Another important menu is the video settings menu. The location of the ‘Settings’ button. Typically a video is recorded in 60fps is then slowed down to 24 or 30 fps. İlk baş işlemcimin yetersiz kaldığını düşündüm fakat problemi araştırınca öyle olmadığını gördüm. I've also limited the applications to necessitates, running apps: World of Warcraft Streamlabs OBS Twitch Chat Spotify (Music for Stream) Discord When sitting in Town often times while streaming i have 40-80 fps, However during Raids the FPS drops to roughly 10-15 frames. com Try lowering the quality of the game so Streamlabs OBS has some breathing room to compose the frames of the encoder. Thanks Rig Specs GeForce RTX 2080 I7-8700k 32gb ram The EVGA XR1 Capture Device allows you to share the world and stream with 4K Pass Through Mode - Record at 1080P/60FPS while you game at 4K/60FPS. This software is also free and offers an even easier installation process than OBS. Sorry but at that speed you’re not going to be hosting any decent live streams. I am confident that I have not manually changed anything before . What's up guys, Voltrons here bringing you another streaming/Streamlabs OBS guide. Problem: While streaming with OBS Streamlabs CoD Warzone feels laggy, while having good frames (around 100-120 which feels smooth to me normally - without streaming I have around 130-150 FPS with the ingame settings I have right now). Although OBS is one of the best free video editing suites available right now, it does have its faults. This software possesses the capabilities needed for the recording of fast-paced action in video games. Streamlabs is another all-in-one solution for streamers, like StreamElements. In this tab you can configure the majority of both video and audio options. Posted: (1 week ago) Dec 20, 2020 · Choosing the right Stream Settings in Streamlabs OBS Having settings that are too high for your computer’s hardware can cause performance issues for your live stream. still got 29. The original OBS studio software has all the features SLOBS has and more, being considered the more advanced software made for more advanced users. At Twitch, the main information pipeline for a stream starts with you. And currently, its Windows version has 5 modes and they are Game Mode, Full Screen, Custom Area, Webcam and Audio Only. Choose the proper mode to continue. The Pengo HDMI to USB Type-C 4K Grabber supports up to a UHD 4K60 HDMI input signal and lets you send the signal in up to UHD 4K30 to your computer via a USB Type-C host connection on an integrated cable. 여기까지 . The grabber allows you to run cameras, gaming systems, and . The process of setting OBS to stream at 60 fps is fairly easy, but it can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the program. To stream on Twitch or other streaming websites you have to worry about your bitrate. Grow with cloud-based Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS), alerts, overlays, bot, tipping, & merch. The Streamlabs version of OBS is supposed to be simpler, easier to use software catered towards novice streamers and users. J'ai tenté de desinstaller et réinstaller mes pilotes de la carte graphique, idem pour streamlabs obs et rien ne change. Attached is my latest attempt to get 120 FPS. There has been updates to Windows 10, CS:GO and Streamlabs OBS lately - my issues might have started after one of these. Streamlabs OBS open (not streaming): FPS around 120. easy-online-courses. You can choose from thousands ofprofessionally designed themes to get . In fact, it can do 240FPS NVENC recordings. Step 3: Leave it labeled as Game Capture and click OK. Setup Guide to Stream to Twitch using a Mac. One of the most common tools used by gamers to record or broadcast their games on Twitch and Youtube is the OBS recording program. Game Crashes or FPS Drops with Streamlabs OBS. It will often display as the name of your Cam Link dongle. To set up Streamlabs OBS, all you need to do is follow these five steps: Plus, 120fps footage on a 60 fps timeline means you can get slow-motion footage or super slow motion footage on a 30 fps timeline with no visual artifacts. 1080p120 High Frame Rate I/O Supported. If VSync is globally enabled in the Nvidia Panel (Or AMD equivalent) it may apply to your game when you . Streamlabs OBS closed: FPS around 300. My. EDIT 2: So this appears to be happening on OBS Studio as well. April 17, 2020 in Programs, Apps and Websites. GP2 powered camera can shoot 4K at 120fps By . But, usually it’s related to the connection to the . Streamlabs OBS is a free and open-source streaming software that is designed for stream layout editing, replay buffer, selective recording, and remote streaming control. Streamlabs OBS is the most popular streaming app for many streaming platforms, including Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. New Member. Output (Scaled) Resolution: This is the option that you can decide on the resolution of your video. Open the SLOBS settings, go to output, and check the box "Enable Replay Buffer" Set the length to your desired time. First you will need to go to your Twitch setting of the main website, you will then want to go to the “Channel and Videos” section. Streamlabs Prime is a premium toolkit for professional content creators, ranging from Custom websites, merch, loyalty rewards, and mobile streaming. To start, you must first have OBS Studio installed. OBS v20+ – click the Mixer gear icon next to your audio device, then choose Advanced Audio Properties. I am trying to stream in 1080p, 60 FPS on twitch. Streaming at a higher resolution like 1080p requires a higher bitrate, and a higher frame rate takes more encoding power. OBS Studio vs. Please note, this … OBS Studio is a free and open source streaming and recording tool with powerful overlay systems and audio controls. 여기까지 봐서는 twitch ingest 서버가 120fps 이상도 받아들이는 것이 확인됩니다. A console, like the PS4 and Xbox OR. Streamlabs OBS. RAM usage 4/16 GB. “@KillionaireYT Make sure that you limit your FPS of your game with v-sync and/or lower the in-game quality a bit as streaming software still needs to use some of the GPU (shared with games) as well. I’ve updated the firmware and have played around with the resolutions in the utility . Merhaba sevgili arkadaşlar, Twitch'te yayın yaparken, birkaç oyun üzerinde bir probleme denk geldim. Here is a complete guide on how to record gameplay with OBS. If you find that your audio levels are still too low after turning up the gain control on your mic and the audio control in Streamlabs OBS, don’t worry; some mics are naturally more quiet than others. I'm stumped, just about tried everything. A broadcaster sends a video stream to Twitch using any of several tools: A streaming encoder, some software implementation like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and Xsplit OR. You are looking for VSync, this is what usually limiting you. These numbers can be correlated, as high chunk numbers usually lead to Minecraft low FPS. SLOBS (Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software) Streamlabs OBS was developed as an improved version of OBS Studio. i dont even have to be stremaing, just opening eithe rporgramme kills the frames ona ny game im playing. 2 today! Step 1 – Launch and pick a recording mode. Cloud-based and used by 70% of Twitch. Logitech took into account the smallest flaws and fixed them — and they did a great job! Let’s get into the specifics. Bandicam. Its just visible to the caster. Hello I recently bought the live gamer ultra . Streamlabs OBS is basically a similar OBS code redid with superior client experience. IM NOT SURE WHAT IT . These include OBS Studio, Streamlabs, Xsplit, Discord, Skype, Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more. Tbps (terabit per second): 1,000 Gbps. Whilst you're in OBS Settings, go down to the Stream settings and try a different server. 1 min read. By Danikika94. Jan 6, 2020 — Elgato's 4K 60 S+ is a new external capture card that can record 4K HDR gameplay in 60 fps from your PC, Xbox One, or PS4. Don’t worry though, within less than a minute, you will be ready to go, assuming your internet bandwidth is capable of handling 60 fps. The pros Easy setup process. Channels: Stereo or Stereo + 5. xbitlabs. As cross-platform software which is compatible well with Windows, macOS and Linux systems, OBS appeals to a large . To fix lagged frames: Try lowering the quality of the game so Streamlabs OBS has some breathing room to compose the frames of the encoder. Apr 12, 2020. So I'm having a problem with OBS recording EFT (Only EFT other games are fine) there is a lot of frame drop and shuttering in obs and in the recording. Stereo/16-Bit PCM Encoded Audio 48 kHz. GPU 3D Utilisation at around 85% Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free cloud-based live streaming software for Twitch, YouTube, & Facebook. Queda de FPS apenas no programa Streamlabs OBS fazer Live. Start streaming. Note: Bit per second (bps) should not be confused with byte per second (Bps). Il vous faudra également un pc disposant de 16go de ram, un processeur Ryzen 5 (2600 / 3600 / 4600X) ou Intel core I5 (8600/9600/10600) ainsi qu’une carte . Hello everyone, I have been streaming on Twitch for a while now, with absolutely no issues using Streamlabs OBS. 2. 디스플레이 복제 144Hz 모니터는 DP 또는 DVI . It works immediately out of the box to save any wasted time, and is compatible with streaming software including OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit to give you plenty of variety and flexibility. All of a sudden, my performance has ♥♥♥♥♥♥ terrible, and I simply cannot stream and play anymore. Then check Advanced settings and update the x264 CPU to very fast or superfast. Step 1: Disable 3rd party overlaysIn some cases using 3rd party in-game overlays could cause additional FPS drop or instabilities, especially when you. Choosing the right Stream Settings in Streamlabs OBS › Search The Best Online Courses at www. Streamlabs OBS also has a user-friendly interface with many more features and designs that can be added and customized with simple mouse-clicks. I just set it up in StreamLabs and it . Streamlabs OBS is a video recording and streaming platform which aims to simplify OBS’s interface for beginners. If you’re just starting out and you find OBS’s interface a bit too complicated then you should definitely check out Streamlabs OBS. Audio Mixer Menu, click image to enlarge. CHECK ME OUT HERE!⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇https://www. No Edit Lists (or the video might not get processed correctly) moov atom at the front of the file (Fast Start) Audio codec: AAC-LC. If you go to the settings and tweak the "input" option to the camera, however, it should recognize the camera afterwards. Whether you're using OBS Studio, OBS Streamlabs or other, you can simply select the Cam Link 4K as your video source and add it into your stream. 7th May 2019 - New Version 0. This product is likewise free and offers a much simpler establishment measure than OBS. The only thing I can think of is Windows 1809. Stesso problema con una 1660S - Ryzen 5 3600X - 16GB RAM. Choose “Live”. Step 2: Click the + from the Sources part, and then choose "Game Capture". Also features an Advanced Pass Through Mode that allows you to switch to 144Hz refresh rate + HDR with the press of a button. Press escape and go to Options then Video Settings to open it. I'm not sure what the issue is. Follow. August 01, 2020. Go to topic listing Programs, Apps and Websites. Ryzen 3 3100, RX 580 DDR4 CL15 2 x 8GB 3133mhz I’m using stream labs OBS and when I stream I go from a consistent 165 FPS to 120 or even lower sometimes, it’s completely unplayable. See full list on xbitlabs. Find the audio device you want to adjust and enter the number of milliseconds (MS) to slow down the sound. Says supported resolution isn’t . There are two ways to fix this problem. OBS can do 120FPS NVENC recordings. . Container: MP4. streamlabs. Full HD resolution is typically 1080p, 60 frames per second (fps). 트위치 인스펙터에 들어가서 확인 해 봐도 120 프레임으로 표시되네요. Streamlabs OBS has a feature which allows you to add a transparant overlay of your twitch chat onto the main screen, without the users being able to see it. Then you can check to ensure your game is using the best video settings possible. For example: I launch Sea of Thieves, game is beautiful, getting 120fps. Step 1: Download and install OBS Studio. Keep your FPS type on ‘Common FPS Values’ and change your value from 60 to 30. 120Hz / 144Hz 이상 고주사율의 모니터와 최고 60Hz Passthrough만 지원하는 캡처 카드(보드) 사용시 발생하는 문제와 해결 방법(?)입니다. This is a nice boost to b-roll production value (Side note, here are some plugins for OBS that can boost production value), especially if you have any product displays on a rotating pedestal. j'ai lancé une partie de Black Ops 4 et j'ai entre 25 et 40 fps sur Streamlabs (sans lancer le stream) et donc ce n'est absolument pas fluide alors que en jeu j'ai aux alentours de 100fps. 1280*720 is the most commonly adopted one, you can 1980*1080 if you want to. The price is too high. Out of everything we would like to emphasize the importance of higher than 6000 kbps (7800 is the sweet spot so Twitch does not mess with you) bitrate and the possibility to stream at 120FPS instead of 60. My GTX 1070 reports that 1080p/240FPS buffer-recording in OBS only consumes ~62% of its NVENC encoding bandwidth: With this, you know all of the best Streamlabs OBS settings. Base (Canvas) Resolution: This option decides the preview on your OBS display, set it to 1920*1080, you can have the best preview experience. Without streamlabs/OBS studios opened i get around 170+fps even sometimes close to 200fps but when i open obs/streamlabs i drop down to like 100-120fps anyone know if there’s a way to fix this? Or is my PC just not able to handle it? Limit capture framerate causes OBS to only capture every other frame, which means that if you are capturing 60fps then any time you dip below 120fps in game you will dip below 60fps in OBS. It is a little bit complex to operate. The biggest problem with OBS is the software is difficult for beginners to use – hence why I get so many people asking me about the best OBS settings for recording. Hướng Dẫn Tải, Cài Đặt và Cấu Hình Streamlabs OBS Mượt 2020. Hey Guys. 2 Mbps en upload. OBS (Studio), full name Open Broadcaster Software, is a fantastic open source live broadcasting and screen recording program. Streamlabs OBS has been acquired by Logitech that has improvised the solution to add new features and overlays. im using a single pc for streaming/recording i have an RTX2070S, 32GB ram and AMD Ryzen 3900x. Streamlabs OBS open (not streaming): FPS around 100. Best Fps Type For Streamlabs Courses. For Skype, go to Settings > Audio & Video > Camera. · Streamlabs OBS and Replay Buffer Kevin February 12, 2020 23:24. I would like to get that in OBS studio as well, is that possible at all? since i will be streaming on my laptop without a second monitor, i would like to . 1. In the settings menu, Video tab, make sure that the option to ignore third party overlays is set to off. I'm going to ignore the fact that your computer doesn't have the hardware performance to handle fortnite at decent settings in 144hz 1080p. Hi guys, I recently discovered that you can change the integer fps in obs settings, however I wanted to know if that makes a difference since livestreaming to youtube and twitch only allows 60fps? is putting the frame rate at 120fps useful for anything am i missing something? or is it just a waste to livestream at 120fps at the moment? New Member. This allows for a smooth slow-motion effort during post-production. Is/ has anyone else had this problem if so how do I fix it. This may happen due to hardware that doesn’t meet the requirements to run the application. 녹화된 . ” Download Streamlabs OBS - Top streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube, & Facebook. I would suggest you up your speeds first, probably to something in the 50 - 70 range before you worry about playing with OBS. Travel Details: Fps Type Streamlabs Obs Courses › Most Popular Law Newest at www. If you have the bandwidth and encoding power to stream at 1080p, 60 fps, great! If not, try one of the recommended settings below to optimize your video . Quando estou transmitindo o jogo Apex Legends fica sofrando queda de FPS no programa da StreamlabsOBS, no jogo o FPS esta estabilizado a 120fps normalmente, apenas para transmitir o jogo que fica travanando para . To fix skipped frames: Check for high CPU usage. OBS lets you use alternatives to x264, namely AMF, Quicksync, or NVENC – hardware encoders enabled on recent AMD, Intel, and Nvidia GPUs respectively. The obs recording laggy playback is a common issue that many people experience with OBS. Open your webcam software (like Skype or OBS) and choose your GoPro as your source. Below are recommended upload encoding settings for your videos on YouTube. When I record, obs tells me I am recording at 120 FPS, however, When I view the video afterwards, It is very choppy, and it says it is recorded at 29 FPS. I am confident that I have not manually changed . 5 Released Works with the latest version of DLive Changed the name to include Pineapple Pizza 19th November 2018 - New Version 0. You can also limit the FPS or use V-sync. CPU Utilisation at around 25%. v20+ – Audio Mixer Icons, click image to enlarge. streamlabs. Apex Legends ve Deep Rock Galactic oyunlarında, FPS'im genel olarak 120-130'lardayken ve FPS. When it comes to setting the camera up with streamlabs/obs, I have had few issues - the main issue was that streamlabs did not properly recognize the camera at first. This live video FPS is a high frame rate mostly used for slo-mo. PS : Il y a quand même toujours des problèmes de logique avec OBS, exemple : The Witcher 3, je suis à 30 fps en ultra jeu moddé en jeu et sur OBS il m'affiche entre 50 et 60 fps, du coup là c'est le contraire sur Fallout 4, par contre, plus de souci, je suis entre 40 et 60 fps sur OBS et entre 120 et 140 fps en jeu. Prime costs $149/year or $19/month. The loss of quality may also be due to the server you are using. 물론 고주사율 패스스루를 지원하는 캡처 카드를 쓰거나 아예 캡처 카드를 사용하지 않고 NDI 를 사용하는 방법이 있습니다. tv/wolvite Socials on pinned comment!In this video I show you how to stream on Twitch at 120 fps. Travel Details: Aug 04, 2021 · To do this, go into your Streamlabs settings and go to the ‘Video’ tab. OBS is fairly a good example of a solution to a perfect home-made video, with its two representative components of recording and streaming, to those in need of screen recording and live broadcasting. as the title says, ive tried both OBS and stremlabs wiht OBS and by just having thr programe open im notice framerate drops from 50fps to below 20 on a veriety of games i ddont normally have issues with. Grow with Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS), alerts, 1000+ overlays, analytics, chatbot, tipping, merch and more. In spite of the fact that this product is just accessible for Windows, you can get Streamlabs OBS Mac with Bootcamp. All of a sudden, my performance has gotten terrible, and I simply cannot stream and play anymore. Generally speaking the most important configuration options are under the ‘Output’ tab under ‘Settings’. This is confirmed by using a tool such as trdrop to analyze actual frames and you can see frames drop WELL below 60fps, ruining the smoothness of the . You could try to limit the FPS to 120 as this is a nice number for 60 or 30 FPS streaming. Please keep in mind that everyone's PC build may *not* be able to handle t. From everything I tried , I can’t get 1440p 120 fps to display from my Xbox to my Mac streamlabs . Support. I use obs to record my gameplay, and I record at 120 FPS, with my games running at 120 FPS. Without streamlabs/OBS studios opened i get around 170+fps even sometimes close to 200fps but when i open obs/streamlabs i drop down to like 100-120fps anyone know if there’s a way to fix this? Or is my PC just not able to handle it? This guide focuses on all of our widgets, which you can find here. First we’ll want to enter the ‘Advanced’ mode, as this gives us the ability to more tightly tune our OBS . OBS Studio, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and more – Stream Deck Mini seamlessly integrates your favorite tools and platforms. The most popular streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Once Streamlabs OBS is downloaded on your Windows, Streamlabs will pre . 9. Best OBS Alternative – DemoCreator. MBps. Mac version has same 4 except Game Mode. Gbps: gigabit per second: 1,000 Mbps. com Courses. 송출을 중단하고 OBS 통계를 봐도 드롭 프레임은 없었습니다. Hi guys, I recently discovered that you can change the integer fps in obs settings, however I wanted to know if that makes a difference since livestreaming to youtube and twitch only allows 60fps? is putting the frame rate at 120fps useful for anything am i missing something? or is it just a waste to livestream at 120fps at the moment? 1440p 120fps series x dosent work live gamer ultra streamlabs mac m1. 고급 – 동영상 통계에는 120fps 라고 표시되고 있습니다 (물론 트위치에서 트랜스코딩된 해상도는 60fps로 고정됩니다). Bandicam is a typical lightweight screen recorder that has stunning options to record game, screen and webcam. Streamlabs OBS scratchy stream quality. Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Robert Jackson. The service is free to use, but they also offer Prime, a subscription based membership that gives you additional features. The effect of the built-in gain control and the gain filter in Streamlabs OBS is the same. For example, Kbps vs. KBps and Mbps vs. 실제 브라우저에서 재생되고 있는 화면도 120 프레임이 모두 나오는지 확인하기 위해서 송출하면서 다른 PC에서 크롬으로 생방송을 재생하면서 화면을 OBS로 녹화했습니다. Posted: (1 day ago) › Discover The Best Online Courses www. RecMaster has embedded several recording modes. The logic here is that GPU-based encoders deliver lower quality than x264 for the same bitrate, but they unburden your CPU by taking on part of its encoding load. Step 3. As soon as I launch StreamLabs OBS or OBS Studio, game drops to 71 fps. Que requiert Streamlabs OBS pour fonctionner avec Twitch, Youtube Gaming et Facebook Gaming? Vous aurez besoin d’une connexion internet pouvant atteindre au moins 1. streamlabs obs 120fps